AIFUL Corporation women’s loan SuLaLiSuLaLi (slurry) is AIFUL’s women caching services.
Women-only is a male is available.
AIFUL itself and the specs are almost exactly like I’m fine things including three points difference and the first one, borrowing from other companies but limited service that is!
It in addition, borrowing frame MAX limit 100000 Yen that is!
It is formed by the addition of the two.
Another point the card design is feminine designs;
It is recommended to people that keep in purse fashion design in resistance to carry private loan card!
SuLaLi zeniemon as far as most women-friendly design card is (laughs).
I want to over-sharpen the borrowing in the caching for the first time!
Has become a full benefit of loans if you think people say is largely in a good way! Real annual limit amount of review time sponsors total regulatory workplace contact 18.0 10% 10,000 yen minimum 30 minutes no target yes they need to delay interest rate application credential payment system online 20.0% (real per annum) After a less than 20-70-year-old debt balance slide principal fixed revolving payment scheme NET on only completed AIFUL and SuLaLi what’s the difference?
AIFUL and SuLaLi asked, as mentioned earlier, the big difference is three as Lord.
For women (men are available) of that service before is that it is in products for women, but men also available.
In the sense that in a nutshell, the etymology of SuLaLi that stands for life (life), support (support), Ledy (female), to support the lives of women are numbered.
Loans know zeniemon as mentioned earlier of the feminine card design, card design, most fashion is in (laughs).
Is it available, and the two parts of the design.
In the card design could do with attention.
AIFUL normally and same as spec.
Limit is 100000 yen and and a clear difference between the most important so far this limit is 100000 yen.
100000 Yen is extreme, too much potential at the point that people think to suppress quite effectively.神奈川県平塚市のプロミス店舗一覧検索