Got a mail from SMBC consumer finance.
And started a new service using the official app promises that its name is Smartphone ATM.
Is that linking official promise go and seven Bank ATM, borrowing only in the app, can pay off.
Featured card pick!
Promise WEB contract if at least one time in Bank lending could make cards issued before.
In at night on weekends and holidays get to automated contract machines or over the counter, in situ from a card issuing debt is possible.
If you have account of Japan NET Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, with 24-hour reception can be a complete loan by transfer to the account designated.
30-day interest-free services provided through new application is pretty money. * For details, click here > > 4.5% real per annum-17.8% loans up to 10000 Yen-5 million yen duration minimum 1 hour same-day loans available registration hours: weekdays 14: 00 contract complete collateral / guarantor required repayment methods balance slide principal straight-line repayment scheme promise borrowing patterns have really increased
As ever, “blink —” moving from app to the web service site can get the transfer using the service and, from the app as seven Bank ATM enables Cordless withdrawals.
Detailed flow described here promise.
From Smartphone ATM, should have received the email you already promise is a member of, so I would like to see.
Like promise is putting power pretty aprilone service promotion,’s managed mobile you receive a sales call.
Generous saying please take advantage of 30-day interest-free service once again as it was.
Management who also of course have loan promise!
⇒ I wrote several times actually borrowed promise to lower the hurdles to borrow money, the consumer finance companies borrowed money really finely decorated service to return.
It’s phenomenal especially top 2 ACOM and promise to say nice isn’t it.
No doubt, will enhance the service should be released Smartphone ATM services promise this time, but also include sitting out there, I’m sure using the app.
The established flow has tried installing promise apply so smooth surprisingly it did not download the promise of apps ever tried put Smartphone ATM deployment in the wake.プロミス 平塚