If it operates properly according to the law, consumer finance had properly notified the illegal fakes will also exist.
So-called black market is the money and scam companies.
Glance at recent fake companies until a decade ago was “really weird” that is not so do not go further and so I don’t know that for.
In some cases they continued use appearance is ordinary members of society, without, I think fake contractor staff, and who cares about the consultation on a roll (pretend).
We introduce the points determine the fake companies here.
Country or state/province register or have registered to make lending to, without permission from sales.
If may be as fake agent website and business cards registration number is the number of the deceit is it.
Properly check from the home country or state/province.
Should determine if the number is not found if it’s fake company.
But illegal as the content but are registered properly you want to note is that there is.
Especially small and medium sized consumer finance often case the conduct is unlawful.
So you should verify with the registration number was properly grounded on the following points.
Lending rules lenders checking are required loan interest limitation law, investment law, the total pollutant load control on.
Accused criminal penalties if they beat you, carry a heavier penalty.
These always protects lenders properly operated.
Interest rate limit lenders have decided the maximum interest rate according to interest limitation law.
Fake companies that end up breaking it.
Maximum interest rate in interest limitation law is outlined in the following table.
Principal interest, less than 100000 Yen 20% 10 million yen or more and less than 1 million yen 18 100 million is a law to clarify and limit the amount of yen or more and 15% total total regulate borrowing users can.
Should less than one-third of annual income from consumer finance loan if you are not.
Because it has been deemed it if borrowing more and stricter repayment.
For example the income 3 million yen people that cannot borrow from consumer finance only up to 1 million yen.
You may take the fake commercial, ignore the total pollutant load control large sums of loans and cannot repay a smooth because more interest overlapped like modus operandi.プロミス 守山